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Responding to Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar (Burma) and Earthquake in China

We're extremely saddened by the loss of life in both Myanmar (Burma) and China. In the days since the cyclone in Myanmar (Burma), teams across Google have been working to contribute to relief efforts. For disaster relief responders on the ground, the Google Earth and Maps teams created Google Earth layers of storm track and flood analysis, storm cloud animation, and on-the-ground imagery. To increase awareness of how people can support relief, the Google Grants team highlighted grantees working in the region, and there is a public service announcement on Google's advertising content network.

To learn more about how to support disaster relief and recovery efforts, visit this microsite. To match funds generated by the site, we said we'd donate up to $1 million to disaster relief organizations. Our first round of grants, totaling $600,000, went through today via our donor advised fund at Tides Foundation to:

Doctors Without Borders
Friends of the World Food Program; Emergency Telecommunication Centers Project
Save the Children

Responding to the tragic earthquake in China, many teams at Google developed ways to help people get the most useful and current earthquake information. Examples include public service announcements on Google's Content Network, a targeted forum on Google-Tianya, a search product to help locate missing loved ones, and an earthquake situation map with real-time detailed information on the different geographies, travel and road conditions to/from the region, and the latest disaster relief news and donation channels and contacts. In addition, Googlers across the world have organized relief activities such as blood donation and cash drives. will donate more than $1.5 million to on-the-ground relief organizations. Finally, tens of thousands of dollars of employee donations to non-profits have been matched by Google's gift matching program.

To learn more about how to support disaster relief and recovery efforts in China, visit this microsite. You can also learn more through Google's China homepage and the Google China Blog.

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