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HealthMap paving the way for earlier disease detection

Major kudos to HealthMap, one of our early grantees, for their work using free, web-based data sources to facilitate early outbreak detection and make it public on Google Maps.

HealthMap just published an excellent overview of their work and findings in the journal PLoS Medicine. The article, "Surveillance Sans Frontières: Internet-Based Emerging Infectious Disease Intelligence and the HealthMap Project," is definitely worth a read. thought so too and posted here about HealthMap's supported efforts.

We're proud to support HealthMap as they continue to hone their methodology and expand their coverage, including the addition of Hindi, Portuguese, and Arabic language information sources to their current suite of Chinese, Spanish, Russian, French and English. Way to go HealthMap...keep up the good work!

Corrie Conrad, Associate, Predict and Prevent

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