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Share your Power(Meter)!

Google PowerMeter now gives you the ability to share your data with others. What does this mean? Everyone in your household can now activate Google PowerMeter on her own personalized iGoogle page so families and roommates can all track their energy consumption online together.

You can also share your data with friends or other Google PowerMeter users to get advice on your usage, compare trends or even strike up a friendly competition to see who can save the most. After all, how can you keep up with your friends, the Joneses, when you don't know how much they are consuming?

Members of the Google PowerMeter team routinely compare their energy usage data and share energy saving tips and suggestions with one another.

For instance, by comparing his PowerMeter data with his friend's data during a heat wave, a fellow Googler discovered that his home air-conditioning system was consuming much more energy than his friend's system. The friend lives in the same area and in a similar sized house. By sharing this data, the Googler found out that his air conditioner was malfunctioning, and after making the necessary repairs, was able to reduce the amount he spends on electricity for air conditioning.

All sharing is completely opt-in and your privacy will still be protected. If you are already a Google PowerMeter user, please visit our help center to get started. Don't have Google PowerMeter yet? Visit our website to see how you can get it.

We hope that this feature sparks some interesting energy-related conversations between you and your friends!

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