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After nearly a decade at Google, moving on to next steps

Posted by Shona Brown, SVP,

When I met Larry and Sergey in July 2003, I had left my role at McKinsey in search of an opportunity to work directly on making the world a better place. I thought I might run a foundation. After our meeting, I realized that this was an entrepreneurial company that could really change with world with technology.

Nearly ten years later, I am retiring from Google to advise startups and social innovators. I will also informally counsel on efforts. While sad to leave, it has been a terrific ride. Building our Business Operations and People Operations groups, I had the opportunity to develop business strategy, organizational process, and the most important ingredient—the people—to help fuel a rapidly growing Google.

In my decade as a Googler, the Internet has transformed the way we respond to critical human challenges. From our early days, Google has pledged to use technology to tackle big problems, and we continue to deliver on that promise today—whether it’s preparing communities for Superstorm Sandy, publishing live election results in the U.S., Mexico, and Egypt, or investing nearly $1 billion in renewable energy projects that can become major power sources for the future.

It has been incredibly rewarding to end my time at Google leading social impact efforts such as, Google Green, Crisis Response, Google Giving, and Elections. These teams are improving the world with great leaders at the helm. VP Matthew Stepka will step into my role of day-to-day leadership, while CFO Patrick Pichette will take on a more engaged role from our executive team.

A lot has changed in ten years. But one thing has stayed the same. Google and others are finding new ways to tackle our biggest problems with technology. I’m proud to be a part of that work.

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