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Television White Spaces database receives FCC certification

We know spectrum is an essential resource to power the future of the Internet. Using untapped spectrum can help improve broadband access in many parts of the worldas it’s doing in our trial in South Africaand spark new innovation in wireless technology.

In March, we shared an update on our efforts to become a certified database administrator for a band of spectrum called the TV white spaces. Today, our database received final certification from the FCC.

This is an exciting step forward. With FCC certification, we can do more to help make spectrum available. We are ready to work with leaders in the wireless industry
those developing certified devices that can talk to a databaseto help them gain access to TV White spaces spectrum to help bring new technologies and services to market. 

Our database has already helped to show that there is available spectrum out there--if you know where to look. For example, we used the database to help visualize available spectrum in Cape Town, South Africa and Dakar, Senegal. And, with spectrum sharing enabled by a database, multiple users can share spectrum, accessing what they they need when they need it, and allowing others to use it when they don’t. 
With more unused spectrum being put to good use, we hope to see more wireless innovation and wireless broadband access for users.

Posted by Alan Norman, Principal, Access

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