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Expanding Public Alerts in Japan with Severe Weather Warnings

Earlier this year we launched Google Public Alerts for the first time in Japan, covering earthquakes and tsunamis. Today, we’re expanding the service to include weather-related alerts for typhoons, blizzards, landslides and more.  

These new warnings will appear - as earthquake and tsunami alerts do now - on Google Search, Google Maps and Google Now, as well as the Google Public Alerts site, where you will also find minor weather alerts, such as advisories for high surf and dense fog.

If you happen to be in Tokyo at a time when a typhoon alert is issued, for example, Google Now will show you a card containing information about the typhoon alert, as well as any available evacuation instructions:

Example of a typhoon warning card on Google Now

You will also see alerts for severe weather events, like tornadoes and torrential rains, when you search for relevant information on Google Search and Google Maps on your desktop, tablet or smartphone:

Example of a Google Search result on a tablet showing a tornado warning

Example of a torrential rain warning on Google Maps

The Japan Meteorological Agency and Rescue Now’s commitment to providing this crisis data in a usable format to the public made these new alerts possible. We hope they will help people in Japan prepare for natural disasters and stay safe when they strike.

To learn more about Public Alerts, visit our Public Alerts homepage.

Posted by: Marilia Melo, Partner Technology Manager

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