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Get the latest on the Australian fires with the Google Crisis Response map

As summer approaches, reliable and easily accessible information about where fires are burning and how to stay safe is important. That’s why we’ve launched a Google Crisis Map to show fire information across five Australian states and territories.

The Google Crisis Map shows information about current fires including their location and size the level of alert, whether the fire is under control and which local emergency response agency is responding to the crisis. Working with fire authorities across Australia, the Crisis Map is continually updated and can be accessed from any device connected to the web at

Example of a fire warning and fire incidents on the Google Crisis Map

In addition to the Crisis Map, Google Public Alerts is now also available for NSW. Google Public Alerts show you relevant fire information when looking up related terms on Google Maps or Google Search. And if you use Google Now on your Android or iOS device, it will alert you if the NSW RFS has published an extreme bushfire or fire alert nearby.

Example of a Google Now card showing a fire warning

Example of a fire warning on Google Search results

Example of a fire alert details page on mobile

We’re able to provide this Crisis Map and the Public Alerts thanks to the NSW Rural Fire Service, the Queensland Rural Fire, the ACT Emergency Services Agency, The Country Fire Service of South Australia, and the Tasmania Fire Service. The partnership and commitment of these agencies in opening this data to the public helps Google and others make critical and life-saving information more widely available.

The Google Crisis Map is now available for NSW, SA, QLD, TAS and the ACT and we’re working with authorities to make the service available in all states and territories. We also look forward to expanding Google Public Alerts and working with more local warning providers soon. We encourage potential partners to read our FAQ and to consider putting data in an open format, such as the Common Alerting Protocol. 

Media are welcome to embed the crisis map on their own sites, by following the steps outlined here.

Posted by Meryl Stone, Partnerships Manager for Google Crisis Response

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